Simple to Use

Simply and strongly enhance your presentation only with a smart phone which connecting to your PC. By the specific remote control functions from your phone, always be kept your audiences’ attentions, and not need to move a close operation to your PC anymore.

*You need to download and install the PC server

Remotely Switch Presentations

To quickly switch the presentation files on your PC remotely by your Air Spotlight and enhance your presentations. Supporting kinds of Office files, images, videos and web-sites.

Record unlimited possibilities, voice, picture and other formats

Spotlighting Key Points

The Spotlight mode will show your key points instantly and significantly, catching your audiences’ eyes and keeping their attentions.

Not just records, but intelligent reminders

Multiple modes meet different control requirements

Switch your control modes between somatic, virtual control stick and touch plane mode. Always a mode will fulfill your controlling situation and enhance your presentation.

Create a data bank, with large storage space

Dexterous-Slipping Controlling

Multi-functional operation area allows deferent ways, such as short or long press and slip for switching pages or rolling pages, to flex the presentation process for deferent control situations.

Multiple view edits

Intermission for better show

Intermission mode allows a flexible interact or intermission with your audiences during your presentations or meetings. You can set a blank-black screen as default or any images or informations that you prefer.

Create a data bank, with large storage space

Simply Connection

By taking the same Network of your PC, Air Spotlight will quickly and easily identify and connect to your PC server with taking no more configurations. (Supports Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Multiple view edits

Protection with Encryption

Air Spotlight supports passwords and manual connection to hide your server address for preventing from unknown connections or controls to protect your devices and your information and privacy.

Create a data bank, with large storage space

Download the computer server based on the operating system

Play the operation introduction video : >>>>>

for windows 10 x64 v1.2.3 : Download

for windows 10 x32 v1.2.3 : Download

video driver for windows : Download

For MacOS : coming soon

For Linux : coming soon